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Next Race Meeting – 10 August Power Series Round 6

Click Here for a how too guide for those of you who are starting off your racing career at Killarney Race Way.


The RECONVENED 2019 ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING OF THE WPMC will be held on Thursday 25 JULY 2019 at 8:00pm in the Clubhouse at Killarney.

Bridgestone R11 Race Tyres Now Available from Trac-Mac Bellville.

Introducing the RACING R11: improved specification is designed to shave seconds off lap times while maintaining ease of handling

Leveraging Bridgestone’s proprietary ULTIMAT EYE? analysis technology and the newly developed V-MS・BELT construction, this tire achieves more uniform distribution of contact pressure while cornering. Because this reduces lateral slides when applying power to drive out of corners, it allows to open the throttle earlier at the corner exit. Although it is a tire designed for the circuit, the high level of grip and the firm contact increase confidence and safer handling.

Trac-Mac Bellville has been assigned as the official distributor for the Bridgestone R11 race tyres in the Western Cape.

Contact 021-9453724/5

Available Sizes

110-70-17 Front

120-70-17 Front

150-60-17 Rear

160-60-17 Rear

180-55-17 Rear

190-55-17 Rear

200-55-17 Rear

by Bliss Drive Review