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WPMC Advanced Riding School

Next Advanced Riding School: 2 October 2021 | Session time: TBA

Where: New pits with entrance through 1st gate at Killarney Refuse and Recycle Dump

Please note the new registration process for Track Schools – more information below.

Morning Sessions: registration starts at 08.00 to 08:30

School starts at 09:00 ends 14:00

Afternoon sessions: registration starts at 12:00 to 13:30

School starts at 14:00 ends 18:00


Only ONLINE ENTRIES will be accepted here

For more information please contact Wayne Arendse on 071 866 8399 or David Enticott on 072 611 2327.


  • NO Race bikes or noisy exhausts allowed
  • Current Motorcycle race license holders are not permitted to participate
  • Please wear quality protective gear for your own protection – only full or 2-piece leathers acceptable for medium and fast groups
  • Riders will be required to show a valid drivers licence at registration
  • R 600-00 per rider
  • Please note although we try our best to keep this updated as much as possible this might change without prior notice

Mad Macs Motorcycles Powered Riding School
Killarney International Raceway’s 3rd Motorcycle Track School for 2021, powered once again by Mad Macs Cape Town, will be run in the morning of Saturday 24th April from 8am until 1.30pm. This will be your 3rd chance for track time on your street-bike this year – and the best way to get revved up for the summer riding season on the street.

Give yourself a refresher course in safe riding, with input from experienced road and racing instructors, practice hard braking and accurate placement on the road in a safe and controlled environment, while enjoying your bike in the manner it was intended to be ridden.

Sadly, NO SPECTATORS will be allowed, and strict Covid-19 strict health and safety protocols among participants will have to be observed. These include compulsory wearing of face masks at all times, strict cleaning protocols and temperature screening of all participants attending.

Riders will be seeded into three groups – Beginner, Medium and Fast. Full riding gear is required for all riders except those in the Beginner group, where basic gear (helmet, jacket, gloves, jeans and boots that cover your ankles) is acceptable.

Both road and race bikes are welcome but no current racing licence holders will be allowed to ride. Scrutineering will take place from 8am until 9:00am. No loud exhausts – bikes that hit the red line on our officially calibrated noise meter will be removed from the circuit.


Points Breakdown (if there are 6 or more riders per class)


Points 2021

Points 2020

Points 2019

Points 2018

2018 Regional 600cc Championship

2018 Regional 1000cc Championship

2018 Western Cape Classic Superbike Club Championship

2018 Western Cape Clubman Club Championship

2018 Western Cape Powersport Club Championship

Points 2017

2017 Class 600 Supersport

2017 Class A & B

2017 Class Classic Superbike

2017 Class Clubmans

2017 Class Powersports

Points 2016

2016 Class 600 Supersport

2016 Class A & B

2016 Class Classic Superbike

2016 Class Clubmans

2016 Class Powersports

Points 2015

2015 Class 600 Supersport

2015 Class A & B

2015 Class Classic Superbike

2015 Class Clubmans

2015 Class Powersports

Points 2014

2014 Class 600 Supersport

2014 Class A & B

2014 Class Classic Superbike

2014 Class Clubmans

2014 Class Powersports