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Practice Days and Times

Main Circuit Testing Rules 2019

Please confirm availability and times with the office.

Corporate bookings take preference : 021 557 1639


Circuit Hire 2019



Testing sessions   

Tuesday 13 August – Powersport Bikes and Cars                      4:30pm – 6:00pm

Wed 14 August         – Superbikes and Cars                                4:30pm – 5:30pm

Thursday 15 August- Superbikes and Cars                                 4:30pm – 5:30pm

Practice sessions are as follows:

  • Tuesday  from 4.30 pm till 6 pm – Bikes and Cars alternating every 15 min. (Power Sport A & B Bikes)
  • Wednesday :from 4.30 pm till 6 pm – Bikes and Cars alternating every 15 min. (Super Bikes, Clubmans & Classic Bikes)
  • Thursday :   from 4.30 pm till 6 pm – Bikes and Cars alternating every 15 min. (Super Bikes, Clubmans & Classic Bikes)

In order to make the circuit more available to members and private track hire clients, the
following amendment to the Policy on Testing Sessions has been approved by the
MANCOM and SPORTCOM of the WPMC and is effective from 16 January 2018
a. The Testing Sessions are afforded to members of the WPMC that compete in
Power Series events. Test Sessions are for testing purposes, running in of
engines and bedding in of brakes, etc.
b. All are reminded that there is no medical support on site for these sessions and
no manned marshalling posts, therefore please drive/ride accordingly.
TESTING TIMES AND FEES(Note; Corporate clients would still need to take preference if
so required in order to secure their bookings and so these sessions could be cancelled)
Cost will be R50 per day for all sessions.
Pay at the WPMC admin office and get an appropriate sticker (with the date listed).

Next Race and Related Info

Trac-Mac Online


All competitors, please note that all motorcycles need to comply to with the Killarney noise limits which is a maximum of 108 dbA’s at 0,5m. Testing is performed according to the procedures contained in the MSA Environmental Code. Appendix 1. The WPMC Sporting committee requires all motorcycles to be tested before being permitted to race.


SR’s and Power Series Entry Form

Next Race Meeting – 7 September Power Series Round 6

Points : 2019

These championship class points can be downloaded:

Breakout Times as follows (2019) :

Clubman Class A:              1 min 17,000 to 1 min 20,999

Clubman Class B:              1 min 21,000 and slower

Class X: Riders ineligible for Championship points

Points as follows (if there are 6 or more riders per class):

1st     25

2nd   20

3rd    16

4th     13

5th     11

6th     10

7th     9

8th     8

9th     7

10th   6

11th   5

12th   4

13th   3

14th   2

15th   1

Previous years Points (as at end of season):


2018 Regional 600cc Championship

2018 Regional 1000cc Championship

2018 Western Cape Classic Superbike Club Championship

2018 Western Cape Clubman Club Championship

2018 Western Cape Powersport Club Championship


2017 Class 600 Supersport

2017 Class A & B

2017 Class Classic Superbike

2017 Class Clubmans

2017 Class Powersports


2016 Class 600 Supersport

2016 Class A & B

2016 Class Classic Superbike

2016 Class Clubmans

2016 Class Powersports


2015 Class 600 Supersport

2015 Class A & B

2015 Class Classic Superbike

2015 Class Clubmans

2015 Class Powersports


2014 Class 600 Supersport

2014 Class A & B

2014 Class Classic Superbike

2014 Class Clubmans

2014 Class Powersports

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