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WPMC Advanced Riding School Dates

WPMC Advanced Riding School Dates 2020

For morning sessions the registration starts at 08:00 to 08:30

No entries will be accepted after 08:30

School starts at 09:00 ends 14:00

For afternoon sessions the registration starts at 12:00 to 13:30

No entries will be accepted after 13:30

School starts at 14:00 ends 18:00

NO Race bikes or noisy exhausts allowed.
Current Motorcycle race license holders are not permitted to participate.
Please wear quality protective gear for your own protection

Riders will be required to show a valid drivers licence at registration.

R580.00 per rider

Please note although we try our best to keep this updated as much as possible this might change without prior notice


23 Sat Motorcycle Track School (2nd) (2pm-6pm)


27 Sat Motorcycle Track School (3rd) (2pm-6pm)


18 Sat Motorcycle Track School (4th) (2pm-6pm)


22 Sat Motorcycle Track School (5th) (2pm-6pm)


3 Sat Motorcycle Track School (6th) (9am-2pm)

17 Sat Motorcycle Track School (7th) (2pm-6pm)


21 Sat Motorcycle Track School (8th) (9am-2pm)

Sound Testing


All competitors, please note that all motorcycles need to comply to with the Killarney noise limits which is a maximum of 108 dbA’s at 0,5m. Testing is performed according to the procedures contained in the MSA Environmental Code. Appendix 1. The WPMC Sporting committee requires all motorcycles to be tested before being permitted to race.

Sound Testing:

Location: Turn 5 behind the scrutineering garage

Remember that sound testing on your vehicle needs to be done before race day.

Sound Testing: Will be conducted in three half-hour sessions during the Power Series Official Practice on Friday 6 March. Scheduled times are as below but are subject to change due to unforeseen circumstances.

Alternatively, contact Marianne Mandix at skyhag4@gmail.com to make arrangements for testing at a time convenient to all.

Sound Testing (At the Scrutineering Parc Ferme)

Points : 2020

These championship class points can be downloaded:

Points : 2019

Breakout Times as follows (2020) :

Clubman Class A:              1 min 17,000 to 1 min 20,999

Clubman Class B:              1 min 21,000 and slower

Class X: Riders ineligible for Championship points

Points as follows (if there are 6 or more riders per class):

1st     25

2nd   20

3rd    16

4th     13

5th     11

6th     10

7th     9

8th     8

9th     7

10th   6

11th   5

12th   4

13th   3

14th   2

15th   1

Previous years Points (as at end of season):


2018 Regional 600cc Championship

2018 Regional 1000cc Championship

2018 Western Cape Classic Superbike Club Championship

2018 Western Cape Clubman Club Championship

2018 Western Cape Powersport Club Championship


2017 Class 600 Supersport

2017 Class A & B

2017 Class Classic Superbike

2017 Class Clubmans

2017 Class Powersports


2016 Class 600 Supersport

2016 Class A & B

2016 Class Classic Superbike

2016 Class Clubmans

2016 Class Powersports


2015 Class 600 Supersport

2015 Class A & B

2015 Class Classic Superbike

2015 Class Clubmans

2015 Class Powersports


2014 Class 600 Supersport

2014 Class A & B

2014 Class Classic Superbike

2014 Class Clubmans

2014 Class Powersports