Race Classes 2021


In the Western Cape, we currently run formats that will suit riders of all abilities. The current race classes are listed below, but it is important to know which classes race together, so read carefully:

2021 Race Classes


This is a Regional class, and these guys are seriously fast and competitive, and a number of national riders take part in our Regional Championship.

These classes are currently time based classes, meaning that a rider’s best lap time determines which class he/she participates in. This format allows Superbike riders of different abilities to compete in the same race.

(Black number on white background)

600cc Supersport

This is a Regional class for 600cc bikes, but these bikes are all national spec machines. They are limited to modifications stipulated in the national rules.

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This is a Club class and is divided into 3 sub classes

  • Class A: Twin cylinder, four stroke 650cc road based production motorcycles. (Suzuki SV, Kawasaki ER6, Hyosung GT, Yamaha MT-07)
  • Class B: Kawasaki Ninja 300 (EX300ADF) Yamaha YZF-R3 KTM RC390

PSP A : (Black number on yellow background)

PSP B : (Black number on white background)

This format represents a cost effective way of racing

Classic Superbikes

This is a Club class for older model bikes, and although the rules make provision for 3 sub classes

  • Classic Bikes
  • Vintage Superbikes
  • New Era bikes

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All 3 of these sub classes have combined to form the Classic Superbike class. This means that the results are NOT split into the 3 sub classes.


This is a Club class and is an entry level class for riders on newer bikes, that are not Powersport or Classic Superbike machines, and who do not lap quick enough to allow them to participate in the Superbike classes. This is effectively a feeder class for riders wishing to upgrade to the Superbike classes at a later stage, once their lap times are quick enough. This class runs in the same race as Powersport and Classic Superbikes.

Clubman Class A:              1 min 17,000 to 1 min 20,999

Clubman Class B:              1 min 21,000 and slower

(Black number on white background)

Rules for these classes available here