How Too Guide For First Time Racers

Here is a how too guide for those of you who are starting off your racing career at Killarney Raceway.

  1. Purchase a motorcycle
  2. Get your riding ability assessed by the relevant instructors at one of the Riding Schools
  3. Get your motorcycle prepared for racing
  4. Join WPMC
  5. Join MSA
  6. Practice
  7. Enter the Race
  8. Race Day

1. Purchase a motorcycle

  • When purchasing your first race bike make sure that there is a class you can race it in.
  • Race Classes 2021 here
  • Class Rules 2021 here

2. Get your riding ability Assessed

  • Before you can enter for you first race you will have to be assessed by an appointed instructor at one of the Mike Hopkins advanced riding Schools
  • Chairman – Wayne Arendse
  • 082 764 8825  
  • Motorsport SA Representative – Wayne Arendse
  • 082 764 8825  

3. Get your motorcycle prepared for racing

  • Before you will be allowed to take part in your first race you will have to get your bike race prepped
  • Racebase or Danie Maritz  Racing can help you with this
  • Self Scrutineering form here
  • The WPMC Sporting committee requires all motorcycles to be tested before being permitted to race (maximum of 108 dbA’s)
  • Get you bike noise tested by Paul Lehmann, email address is
  • You need to display 3 sponsor stickers on your bike (close proximity to you race number)

4. Join WPMC

  • You will need to join WPMC before you can get your race licence from MSA
  • WPMC 2021 membership form
  • Joining WPMC will entitle you too free entrance to Killarney for the year and Practice on Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday afternoons here

5. Join MSA

  • Once you have joined WPMC you can join MSA to get your race licence
  • MSA Documentation here

6. Practice Days And Times

  • There are 3 days during the week that you can practice at Killarney. Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays
    To be eligible to make use of these practice sessions you have to be a current competitor and have a MSA licence.
  • Practice days and times here
  • Official Practice is the Saturday (cost R100.00) and Friday (free) before that race meeting. This is only for those who have entered and paid before the closing date of entries. (Entries close Wednesday 1 week before race date)

7. Enter The Race

  • Entries close on the Wednesday one week before the date of the race meeting
  • The (Regional Classes) SBK A & B + 600’s. Entrant pays R885.00, the other R400.00 is subsidized by the WPMC Motorcycle Committee.
  • The (Club Classes) PSP, Clubman & Classic. Entrant pays R820.00, the other R400.00 is subsidized by the WPMC Motorcycle Committee.
  • Enter before closing date of entries to avoid a late entry fee of R300.00
  • Late entries will not appear in the official program
  • 2019 Race Entry Form Power Series entry form 2019
  • You can pay WPMC by EFT
  • BANKING DETAILS: Nedbank, Southern Peninsula – A/C 1232041807 – B/C 123209
  • Send your proof of payment with your entry form to or Fax: 021 557 6904
  • Confirm that they have received your entry
  • Tel: 021 557 1639

8. Race Day

  • Get yourself organised the day before
  • Arrive early on race Day
  • If you do not have you own pit then you can make use of the undercover wooden pits (please leave them clean when you leave)
  • If you have tire warmers then you need to bring a generator as the power supply at Killarney is not too reliable
  • It is best too collect your documentation at the Friday practice. (It is available for collection upstairs on the corner of the brick pits opposite the control tower)
  • Once you have done your documentation take you proof of payment and scrutineering book together with you motorcycle to scrutineering (go through the pits to the inside of turn five)
  • If you do not have a book, the scrutineers will provide you with one
  • You can also scrutineer you bike on the Saturday morning before the race
  • First time competitors need to have a large visible ductape X (contrasting colour to your leathers) on the back of their leathers for the first two race meetings and practices. This also applies to new main circuit riders coming from the short circuit. No X no ride
  •  Don’t forget to collect your transponder before you Qualify (you will need your MSA licence for this)
  • Before you leave the race circuit do not forget to return your transponder